St James Marathi

St James Marathi church was established in 2005. Members of the church are from India, state of Maharashtra with local dialect Marathi. 

We are a congregation of St James' Anglican church in the diocese pf Manchester and our worship and activities are in the Marathi language and culture. Members of our congregation are on St James parochial church council and one member is church warden.

We are blessed with many gifts among our church members, including ministerial and pastoral gifts. Members of our congregation are involved in day to day church life and activities which contribute to its close community feel.

We have much to be thankful for but acknowledge that there is much more to be done in terms of our individual knowledge of God and his plans for us as a church.

Sunday Service

4:30pmAll young people of high school/college age are invited to join us in the hall at St Edmund’s. on Sunday at 4.30pm

Our service is conducted every Sunday at 5pm, starting with praise and worship followed by the main service. We have holy communion twice a month.

The Marthi community are of all ages and most of our members lead parts of the worship, including young children.


We are led by a pianist and drummer and have a choir group who sing on ocassions.

Upcoming Services:

Sharing the love of God

Our mission statement is 'Sharing the love of God'. At St James Marathi church we seek to make this a reality both in our lives as individuals and as members of the whole body of Christ. We continue to seek God's guidance, so that we might reach out in action and make Jesus known and also warmly welcome newcomers to our fellowship.


House prayers

We conduct regular house prayers which are held on first Saturday of each month.

Through the year

We celebrate the anniversary of our founding in 2005. We also hold a Sunday school day and a church retreat.  There are also occasional events during the year such as church picnics, Christmas party and fun fair and all this helps people to feel they belong to our community.

Members of our church are in the mother's union with younger people meeting in a youth group and Sunday school.

Learning to follow Jesus

We recognize that we have much more to do to get to know God better and learn to follw him.

Teaching on Sundays is often multi-sensory and interactive, involving member of the congregation.

Our younger members have a Sunday school and there is a group for teenagers. This is led by Amit Chawan.


Pastoral Support

People who are unwell are supported by visits and our prayers.


Our Vision

We have hopes for our future - how we would like to see our church, St James and the Marathi community in 2025 or sooner!

Our Vision:  Inspired by Jesus, we are helping people live lives to the full, giving them hope for their future - ‘Life and Hope for all’.

Our Mission: United around a common vision of ‘Life and Hope for all’ and energised for mission, we will offer places of welcome and belonging for all ages and cultures, where people can explore life and seek God. We will do this by:

  • Helping people to become followers of Jesus Christ and to grow in their Christian faith
  • Nurturing leadership to match our vision
  • Loving and supporting those in need, helping them to flourish
  • Being an active voice for justice, peace and reconciliation
  • Encouraging creative living and living that reflects care for our community and the planet
  • Providing resources available to all in our community

We will commit to bring ‘life and hope’ to all in many different ways. 

How to find us
Join us at:
St James' Church
Moss Side
M14 4TH