St James is on the cycle Beeline!

Beelines is a plan to connect every neighbourhood in Greater Manchester by offering a network of cycling and walking routes. Beelines aims to enable the two-thirds of people who currently use their car as their main mode of transport, to walk or cycle. It’s a once-in-a-generation opportunity to revolutionise the way people get around the city region.

The diocese has produced an interactive map on its website to help churches find where they will sit on the network. St James is already listed on the interactive ‘Beeline’ map available on the Diocese website.

It is great news that the bike racks outside St James, which are already making provision for people on bikes, could further welcome potential new members to the congregation, as cross-city travel becomes easier, healthier and safer.  This would provide an opportunity to invite passing foot and bicycle traffic in through the church doors, as tourism and car-free activity increases.  The Beeline route passes along Great Western Street with a crossing route along Quinney Crescent.



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