Message from the Elliott family

A big thank you to everyone for the warm welcome we have received.

From the cleaning of the house before we came, to people dropping in and dropping off cards both of welcome and congratulations - we have felt really loved and welcomed by you all. Naomi and the baby (possibly Seth?, picture below) are doing well now.  Seth? was born early Monday morning on his due date and was kept in hospital until Wednesday night for observations due to his small size but he is doing really well and judging by the amount of feeding he’s doing he won’t be small for long!

We have loved being Moss-siders for the short time we have been here and have already gotten to know some of our neighbours who dropped over coffee while we moved in.  The sense of community spirit seems really alive and well here and we are so excited to see what God has in plan for us. Neil, Naomi, Jude and (possibly Seth?).

Neil will be ordained on 28th June.  He and his family will be with us for three and a half years whilst Neil 'serves his title' as curate in our two parishes.


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