This is the second of the monthly installments of #MoreThanSunday.

Each month will outline a theme and suggested action for the month, along with a podcast featuring local people who have particular insight to share.

Theme 2: WORSHIP

As Christians, we are called to make a radical choice: to worship God above all else. Of course, we believe that everything has its origin in God, but we so easily forget this, with so many distractions. The good things we enjoy are God’s gift, but we take our blessings for granted, without acknowledging whose gift they are. To worship God is to put everything else in its proper place, and so to use God’s gifts as he intends. That's why the worship of God should lie at the centre of our lives.

Setting aside regular times solely for worship is helpful for two reasons:

First, we need to keep reminding ourselves that we’re not the centre of our universe. We easily fall into patterns of self-interest, but worship helps break these open. It refocuses us upon God. You could say that worship is most valuable when we feel we have least time for it, because it recalls us to seeing the world in true perspective.

Secondly, in the words of our Communion service, worship is ‘our duty and our joy’. It not only expresses all that we owe to God, but it becomes a channel of God’s life to us. It helps free us from worshiping things that are less than God, and it enlivens a vision of God’s loving kindness towards all of His creation. 

Inevitably there will be periods when worship feels less than this, but worship is part of a lifelong project which will lead us home to God.

We are called to devote our resources to the worship of God; we respond to God’s love by putting him at the centre in every respect. Truly, such worship becomes for us the fullness of life.


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This is the second of the monthly installments of #MoreThanSunday. Each month will outline...
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